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Backflow Preventer RPZ – Water Service

This is a device required by building code to prevent water from flowing in the wrong direction and contaminating the village water supply. It controls water supply to all the washrooms, sinks, and wudu areas, as well as the landscaping around the Masjid.


Suggested Intention while donating this item:

Ya Allah, in your glorious book, you’ve informed us about people who turned back on their heels, despite having been guided by you. Ya Allah, I don’t have any strength or ability to guarantee that I’ll be able to remain steadfast on your path despite all your blessings upon me. So, Ya Allah, today I’m providing this backflow preventer for your house; please prevent me, my family, and my children from going back to disobedience despite having been guided by you. Ya Allah, prevent us from going back to acts of ignorance after having been taught the Sunnah of your beloved Messenger. Ya Allah prevent us from running away from you after having been granted your closeness. Ya Allah, prevent me, my family, and my children from ever taking any backward steps in life. Upon you do I place my trust, and to you is my return.


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Breakroom Sink and Accessories

An essential item needed to assist in serving iftar and suhoor in Ramadan and meals during retreats and special programs. In return for your concern and generosity, we ask that Allah (SWT) provide you with a source of water on a day when everyone will be thirsty.


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Drinking Fountains


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Faucets for Washroom Sinks


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Gas Water Heater

A helical heat exchanger helps this water heater achieve 96% efficiency and provide warm water to the restrooms, wudu areas and breakrooms while keeping bills low. Donation amount includes concentric vents.


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50013 - A

Janitor’s Closet

Includes items required for day to day cleaning and upkeep of the washrooms, wudu areas and masjid floors. We ask that Allah (SWT) grant you status as a Custodian of His house in return for your concern and generosity.


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Men’s Toilets

Kohler Comfort Height Toilet includes Kohler Lustra elongated toilet seat with anti-microbial agent.


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Mixing valve for Wudu

This small, but vital device mixes hot and cold water to ensure that water at the Wudu Faucets is always at the perfect temperature. For anyone that wishes to be remembered in heartfelt du'aas anytime someone makes wudu in the masjid, this is an excellent item to provide.


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Raised Sink for Wudu while Standing


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Sewage Check Valve

This check valve allows the sewage from the building to flow into the sanitary sewer, and makes sure that the sewage is never allowed to flow in the wrong direction.


Suggested Intention while donating this item:

Ya Allah, despite my best efforts, I have no ability to protect myself from all the spiritual sewage that enters my heart. So Ya Allah, today I’m providing this sewage check valve for your house; Ya Allah please place a sewage check valve on my heart as well. Ya Allah, please allow all the sewage that is built up in my heart to flow out. Ya Allah, please prevent any sewage from entering my heart and the hearts of my family and my children.


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Shower for I’tikaf

Showers will be provded in two private restrooms in the basement, as well as in the restroom attached to the Imam’s office.


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Silent Check Valve


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Soap Dispensers

For Washroom Sinks.


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Storm Water and Sewage Pump


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Washroom Sinks


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Water Hydrant for Exterior Areas


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Women’s Toilets


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Wudu Faucets

Faucets for the Men’s and Women’s wudu area. A mixing valve and pump in the building’s piping ensure water is always at the right temperature.


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